Writing for Introverted Entrepreneurs Made Simple

How it started...

From the time she was 4 years old, Rebekah has always been fascinated with books. She loved reading books and the adventures they would take her on so much. To the point that she would carry a large bag full of books with her everywhere she went.

The adventures on the pages made her wonder what she could do with words, so she started to write. Short stories. Poems. Different plots and endings to stories.

Her writing adventures took her to many places and touched many people as she grew. At one point, she was asked to write and publish a book of poems, but she turned it down - thinking her calling was in the medical field. It wasn’t.

Some journeys have more side quests than others.

When she returned to college, she still thought of the medical field, but her heart wasn’t in it. She still wanted to write, and she still loved reading books… Novels. Memoirs. Fiction. History. And even children’s literature. It wasn’t until she was pregnant with her son that she decided to change her focus to psychology.

The mind is fascinating!

After years of research and writing articles and journals, she [finally] graduated from the Univerity of Colorado Colorado Springs with her Bachelor’s of Psychology. The passion for writing and research still fired in her heart.

With that passion, she started her freelance copywriting and ghostwriting business to help introverted, female entrepreneurs grow their businesses and dreams. It’s no medical field, but it’s still helping others out!

Shout out to all medical professionals! That is a challenging field, but so needed. And needs to be appreciated more.

The road to success doesn’t have to be difficult.

Rebekah helps busy yet introverted entrepreneurs, bloggers, moms, and authors share their stories. Your story doesn’t only need to be heard; it needs to be captivated by YOUR audience.

It gets overwhelming to find the time to sit down and write your website copy, that email sequence, blog posts, and all of your social media posts. You need a copywriter who can convert what you need to say into returning clients.

The process is time-consuming, but it is more discouraging when you do not see any positive results.

Moreover, you need a skilled ghostwriter if you have a book that needs to be written but no time to write it. A ghostwriter is a valuable asset as the person saves you time writing your book project. Plus, all the credit goes to you!

You deserve to be heard.

Hire a copywriter and see your business grow!

Hire a ghostwriter and get your story out there!