Establish Authority. Develop Trust. Increase Conversions.

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We are in this amazing digital age with many online businesses. And, you need to stand out and shine bright for your audience. 

Is your website copy isn’t turning visitors into leads? Is it contributing to your authority? If not, then what is it doing? Your ideal clientele can’t work with you if they can’t see you.

People make investments based on two things:

If you don’t have both or fall short on one, your value and offers end up in sales purgatory! Getting your progress at the speed of a snail or nowhere.

So, how can I help you? I’m here to help you cook up a recipe for converting copy with experience, psychology, and personality. These ingredients allow your website and pages to serve you.

From meh to W-O-W!

Working with Rebekah was a breeze! She took my sales page copy from meh to W-O-W! She even explained why we needed to make the change. Thus, I learned a lot from her as well. I don’t just recommend her. I ABSOLUTELY DO! You won’t regret it!

~Maria Chrisalyn Guiwo Saunier, ComeGetStudents

Establish Authority

One of the first goals is to create a message that is the heart of your business and communicates your value. You have approximately 5-seconds to capture your audience’s attention. I’ll help you develop a client-focused message that communicates what you have to offer.

Develop Trust

Your website should tell your audience a story that builds trust. It should highlight the reasons they need your offer. I’ll help you focus on your clients with genuine storytelling that speaks to their wants and needs. It is about them, after all.

Increase Conversions

Effective copy reflects the relationship between the client’s needs and the company’s value. I’ll help you test what is and isn’t working so that your web content is serving you.

I hope to work with her again…

Rebekah was great to work with! She performed a copy-content edit on my website. I hope to work with her again and definitely recommend Rebekah for any of your copywriting needs!

~Mariah Saxton, Mariah Adell, LLC